Traditional Library

22nd January 2021

All talk are in CET (Bern time zone)

Session 8: Biokinetics

Moderator: Dr. Silvano Gnesin

09:00-09:45 Set-up of Multicenter trials Involving Dosimetry | Prof. Michael Lassmann

09:45-10:30 From Time-Activity Data to Pharmacokinetic Modelling | Prof. Gerhard Glatting

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Moderator: Prof. Kuangyu Shi

11:00-11:45 Treatment Planning with PBPK/PD Models | Prof. Gerhard Glatting

11:45-12:30 Biodosimetry and its Application to NM | Prof. Michael Lassmann

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break

Session 9: Research topics in MRT Dosimetry

Moderator: Dr. Thiago Lima

14:00-14:45 How AI can support personalized dosimetry | Prof. Kuangyu Shi

14:45-15:30 Pre-clinical dosimetry | Dr. Francesco Cicone

15:30-16:15 Novel Isotopes for Theranostics | PD. Dr. Cristina Müller